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Modern Statement

Timeless and wearable rings with a modern twist that add a touch of style to any outfit.

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The Classics Collection

Our signature pieces designed to be worn everyday with subtle details in contemporary shapes.

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Made-to-order Jewelery

Handmade pieces that are carefully crafted to ensure that you'll love for a lifetime.

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I became truly passionate about jewelry late in life in my 40s. While off during pregnancy, my original engagement ring was stolen. My husband had given me a family diamond ring that had belonged to his mother so I had never looked at rings and had not given jewelry a lot of thought – I had a beautiful ring and I was happy with it. However, after it was stolen I went to get a replacement and discovered I had no idea what I liked or wanted. From here and with an open mind, I endeavored to learn all there was to learn including about the different cuts, styles, and all the gems used in rings.

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The ultimate symbol of lifelong commitment, eternity rings make for an ideal wedding or anniversary ring, or can be worn alongside your engagement ring.

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Gemstone collection

Kissed by the colors of nature, sapphire, ruby, and emerald jewelry makes for a stunningly exotic look.

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Blog posts

Gem Shapes

Gem Shapes - A Guide to Popularity and Beauty of Different Shapes Gems are only as good as their cut and to this end they are cut into different mesmerizing...

Mined and Lab Diamonds vs. Moissanite

Mined Gems make no sense ecologically nor ethically with the worst being diamonds. The mining of diamonds utilizes tremendous amounts of energy and fossil fuels in drilling and land moving,...

Moissanite vs. Diamond

MOISSANITE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DIAMOND When it comes to shear brilliance and beauty, Moissanite exceeds Diamond.  Throughout history, Moissanite was too rare, mostly found only on meteorites, and could...

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