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About Jewel Eternal

About Jewel Eternal - Crafting Timeless Jewelry

I became truly passionate about jewelry late in life, just before turning 40. While off during pregnancy, my original engagement ring was stolen. My husband had given me a family diamond ring that had belonged to his mother so I had never looked at rings and had not given jewelry a lot of thought – I had a beautiful ring and I was happy with it. However, after it was stolen I went to get a replacement and discovered I had no idea what I liked or wanted. From here and with an open mind, I endeavored to learn all there was to learn including about the different cuts, styles, and all the gems used in rings.

I visited all of the major jewelry stores but they were more expensive than I wanted to spend and the rings I saw didn’t strike me as remarkable. Originally, I started looking at diamond rings since my original engagement ring had been diamond and in researching and learning about the different gemstones I learned about Moissanite, a diamond’s more brilliant close relative. I think of them as fraternal twins.

After reading up on this gem that I had never heard of before, I realized that Moissanite was the gem for me – hard so it'll last forever without scratching/dulling, clear, less expensive at the same weight, and have MORE FIRE THAN DIAMONDS.

I ordered several different Moissanite ring styles from jewelers online, but I was disappointed in them all. The Moissanites looked yellow next to the smaller side stones of diamonds or the bands just had a cheap, mass produced, clunky look and feel to them without the attention and commitment to make a truly excellent “forever ring.” None of the rings I sampled properly felt like the symbol of everlasting love I wanted to wear proudly every day.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and signed myself up for jewelry making classes. I learned the basics of how to use a torch, cut metals, make settings and to function as my own jeweler. I also discovered CAD for jewelry and mould making. I read all I could about Moissanites and Diamonds and then scientifically tested and partnered up with a lab to produce the highest quality “D” rated Moissanite gems that are cut to my specifications and inscribed with the corresponding gemologists report’s serial number to ensure they could be tracked and identified as the finest quality. Next I did hand renderings of classic and contemporary designs which I then illustrated in CAD such that I own all of the intellectual property rights in my rings – even with those designs that look familiar I added specific improvement in prong length and metal composition to improve performance, different ring weight balance so that the ring itself “feels” correct when worn, improved gem placement, and a myriad of other considerations that in conjunction with my real hands metal and gem work make each ring an “original” work and personal expression of something excellent and real, and not some cookie cutter.

I love jewelry now and I love making it. Every time I have on my Jewel Eternal Moissanite jewelry, I can’t stop smiling because of the happiness it’s beauty brings me. I want everyone who wants to wear one of my pieces to feel that way and to do so with the confidence of knowing that the ring is a quality labor of love meant to last forever. That is how Jewel Eternal was born.

I’m so happy and proud to share my love of Moissanite and Ring Design as I offer some of the pieces I’ve made for purchase. I sincerely hope they bring you as much happiness and joy as they have brought me.


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