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Jewel Eternal FAQs


What is moissanite jewelry?


Moissanite jewelry is one of the most popular gemstones on the market today. Almost indistinguishable in appearance from diamonds, and equally as hard on the Mohs scale, moissanites can have more clarity. Additionally, they are eco-conscious since they are so rare that they are not mined from the Earth.


Is moissanite jewelry eco-friendly?


Climate change is real and it is happening now. That is why patrons are careful when choosing their jewelry piece. But with the moissanite jewelry, they no longer need to worry. Moissanite jewelry is environmentally-friendly. In other words, its production and creation does not leave harmful impacts to the planet. Who would not want to wear a captivating jewelry piece that protects the environment?


How expensive is moissanite jewelry compared to other gemstones?


Often, price is a consideration when purchasing jewelry. Unlike the mainstream gemstones people love, moissanite jewelry is very affordable. Jewel Eternal believes that every woman is beautiful, and creates its moissanite jewelry at arm’s reach. Because it is less expensive than diamonds, women will often purchase it to travel with, leaving their valuables at home.


Will my moissanite jewelry last a lifetime?


Definitely, yes! Many generations can enjoy your moissanite pieces as they are passed down in your family. Moissanite jewelry is very durable. In fact, on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, moissanite gems are a 9.25. Hence, they are suitable for everyday wear without accumulating the scratches that dulls the appearance of other softer gems.


Where did the moissanite originate?


Moissanite gemstones were birthed from a meteor. However, natural moissanites are one of the rarest natural gems . Most of the moissanites that adorn our present-day jewelry are synthetic, meaning they were created and grown in laboratories. Despite that fact, natural and synthetic moissanites provide the same quality and aesthetic for a very affordable price.


How dazzling is moissanite jewelry?


Brilliance makes jewelry stand out. Just like diamonds, moissanites dazzle, and can reflect even more brilliantly due to the clarity. When hit by the ray of sun, the moissanite jewelry can produce a “disco effect” type of luster. All Jewel Eternal moissanites are rated very high at D-VVS1 in terms of clarity, meaning they are flawless when looking at them.


What should I consider in selecting moissanite jewelry?


Moissanite jewelry has only one criteria: color. Compared to diamond jewelry which must be evaluated according to the 4 C’s, namely cut, clarity, color, and carat, the highest quality moissanite jewelry should be colorless. Jewel Eternal offers the most exquisite, highest quality moissanite jewelry available. 


What are the different grades of moissanite?


Just like their seemingly identical partner, the diamond, moissanites are rated by the GIA Clarity Scale. All Jewel Eternal moissanites are D-VVS1 with cuts rated at Excellent.


Is moissanite a diamond?


No, the moissanite is not a diamond, nor a variant of diamond. The moissanite is a different gemstone. Originating from a meteor, the natural moissanite is rare, so all of the moissanites used in jewelry today come from laboratories. But the good news is moissanites have advantages diamonds don’t have. They are more affordable, eco-friendly, and brilliant. They also rate higher than a diamond in the category of Fire, meaning they give off more sparkles.


How can I buy moissanite jewelry?


Look no further than Jewel Eternal’s moissanite jewelry that comes in various cuts, shapes, and designs. Turn your fantasy into a reality by visiting Jewel Eternal online and selecting the moissanite of your choice in our inventory. If you don't see the exact piece you want Jewel Eternal does custom orders as well and can make anything you can dream of. Confirm your purchase then enjoy eternal beauty in the palm of your hand. Remember, you are a jewel, and a jewel can never go wrong with Jewel Eternal.