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Moissanite vs. Diamond


When it comes to shear brilliance and beauty, Moissanite exceeds Diamond.  Throughout history, Moissanite was too rare, mostly found only on meteorites, and could not be used for jewelry.  It is only because man discovered means by which to create Moissanite that it became an option to Diamond.  Moissanite has a refractive index of 2.69 vs Diamond at 2.42 and the consequence is that Moissanite looks brighter and has more sparkle – the effect is subtle, but euphoric.  The overall effect is a gemstone that just looks better and exceeds expectations.

Diamonds and Moissanite in most other respects are very similar as to their physical properties.  Both are very hard, tough, and look like the finest crystal.  Both gem tones rely on molecular crystal structure to achieve similar amazing physical properties with Diamond being just slightly harder than Moissanite.   Moissanite does not scratch easily and can be worn in the same fashion as Diamond and won’t dull or fade.  Like Diamond, Moissanite will cut glass and is harder than all the other gemstones. 

Why Are Diamonds Famous and Moissanite Not?

Diamonds have a long and complicated history. At times Diamonds have existed in an artificially controlled market with controlled supply and price manipulation. Marketing campaigns for decades have created a perception and made the Diamond gemstone famous in ways we do not think is warranted. No one knows what the real supply of Diamonds is, both the mining and manufacture of Diamonds is controlled by a few players and the real supply of Diamonds is probably much higher than we know. What we do know is that it costs society a tremendous amount to mine or create Diamonds both in terms of carbon emissions, political conflicts, and direct ecological impact due to the stripping of the land, destruction of habitat, and use of fossil based energy.

Moissanite: The Better Option Than Diamond

All things considered, we think Jewel Eternal™ Moissanite is a far better choice than Diamond – it is incredible hard and tough, and it looks better than Diamond. You will observe that Jewel Eternal™ Moissanite does not dull or fade and holds its value over time because it is made to last an Eternity. Ecologically, high quality Jewel Eternal™ Moissanite is made in a lab and utilizes energy efficient Jewel Eternal™ proprietary processes that does not harm the environment. Ethically, Jewel Eternal™ Moissanite does not require wars nor political conflict to control. There is no mining equipment consuming fossil fuels and there are no high pressure high temperature process requiring a massive carbon footprint. Moissanite is greener, cleaner, sustainable, and is the clear choice for the future of the planet. This is just another reason people are falling in love with Moissanite.

Color and Quality

Notably, Diamond has a monocrystalline crystal lattice. The color and quality of Diamond varies depending on the impurities in the Diamond (e.g., boron, nitrogen, etc.) The color and quality of Moissanite on the other hand is based on polytronic crystal lattice structure and does not vary based on the presence and quantity of impurities. Moissanite does not have impurities.


Due to the unique molecular composition of Moissanite, it has more fire than a diamond. When you look at a Moissanite, it shows both white flashes (brilliance) and colored flashes (fire). Moissanite also is double reflective which adds to the fire. Only Moissanite has this ability to reflect more giving it a mesmerizing and stunning appearance of perfection.


Moissanite is extremely hard, much harder than Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies. This is due to the molecular configuration of the atoms in Moissanite. The only thing harder than Moissanite is Diamond. Moissanite is extremely hard, does not scratch from normal wear and can be worn just like Diamond and in the same fashion.

Heat Resistance

Moissanite and Diamond both can withstand incredible heat and temperatures well over 2000 Degrees Celsius. Just like Diamond, Moissanite can with stand a jeweler’s torch and be set readily without damage into metals with very high melting points (e.g., Platinum Melts at 1768.3 Celsius). Moissanite’s heat resistance makes it an ideal jewelry gemstone.


Toughness is often attributed to the ability of a gemstone to withstand force and resist breaking under extreme pressure. When it comes to toughness, both Moissanite and diamond are rated excellent in toughness. Jewel Eternal™ guarantees its gemstones to be at least Mohs 9.25 – 9.50.

Moissanite Ecological and Ethical

Jewel Eternal™ Moissanite – Quality Assured

Jewel Eternal™ guarantees its gemstones to be the highest quality Moissanite.  Jewel Eternal’s™ Moissanite is superior to other Moissanite on the market.  Each Jewel Eternal™ center gemstone is inscribed on the girdle with a GRA Registration Number and the “Jewel Eternal” trademark.


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