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Gem Shapes

Gem Shapes - A Guide to Popularity and Beauty of Different Shapes

Gems are only as good as their cut and to this end they are cut into different mesmerizing shapes that each have their own qualities to match your taste.  We know, when you think about the Moissanite Ring, you might imagine a Classy Round Cut Brilliant, which is by far the most popular among all the gem shapes,  but if you are looking for something different, the there are many other shape options for you to match your mood and style.  The geometry of each of the gem cuts has evolved over the years to provide the effect desired you are looking for.


What the Popular Gem Shapes?


Let’s have a look at some Popular Shapes that have dazzling facets, sparkling brilliance, fire, and fascinating attributes to allure the eyes.


The Astonishing: Round Brilliant

The versatile and yet classic Round Cut Brilliant is the most famous and brilliant of all shapes.  Currently, due to its perfect symmetry and universal appeal it accounts for more than half of all diamonds sold.  It features 58 facets that are divided among the pavilion (base), the girdle (wide part), and the crown (top) while yielding maximum sparkle, brilliance, and fire as it follows the classic round shape and the molecular geometry of the hardest gem stones. If you are really into the classic taste, then you should go for Round Cut Brilliant.

The Everlasting: Oval   

The timeless and yet sophisticated Oval Cut is a combination of round and pear shapes. It highlights 56-58 shimmering facets, a symmetrical shape, and sparkle with the same brilliance or fire as a round cut brilliant.  It is a perfect shape for engagement rings as it elongates the fingers making them look sleek and slender. An oval shape is unique and perfect for those who want to express their personality.


The Commanding: Marquise 

The royal and yet majestic Marquise Diamond Shape refers to as “Navette” shape, which means little boat. The marquise diamond shape is the mirror of a small little boat, which is perfect to elongate the fingers. It highlights 58 facets (33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion), sets in a prong or bezel, and increases carat weight over a round cut.  If you want a magnificent awe inspiring cut, then the Marquise is your choice.

The Magnificent: Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut maximizes carat weight while providing a flat sheet of gem crystal that captures the eye and brings about a sense of euphoria.  The elegant and yet tasteful Emerald Shape varies from a more square to a rectangular shape depending on the precise gem desired.  The cut showcases 57 facets, with flat planes that create flashes of light, more color features, and high-clarity.  If you are looking for the unique beauty of flat gemstone, the Emerald Cut is your choice. 

The Dynamic: Pear Cut

The enthralling Pear Cut combines round and marquise styles to form a teardrop that can be pointed upward or downward for different effect.  Pointing a pear cut ring downward creates the illusion of length and congruence between the pear point and the fingernail, increasing the appearance of long fingers, appeal, and physical allure.  Pointing the pear cut upward creates an illusion of strength commanding respect.  Typically worn pointed up while conducting business and down during festivities, the Pear Cut provides versatility.  The Pear Cut is also delightful in halo setting rings, increases carat weight and increases sparkle toward the point.  If you are really into a versatile, flattering and delicate style, Pear Cut is your choice.


The Enchanting: Princess Cut

The fashionable and yet enchanting Princess Cut is a modified square shape with pointed corners.  Despite its name, it is frequently fashioned in both Men and Women’s rings.  The Princess cut frequently has rounded corners on a square cut with reduced facets.  The overall effect is a square of brilliance that has both flashes of light and sparkle.  It perfectly sets in precise four prong settings that protect its four corners increasing durability.  If you want flashes of light and incredible sparkle, then you should go with the Princess Cut.

The Timeless: Cushion Cut

The timeless Cushion is also called as Pillow Diamond Shape.  It features a square shape with soft round corners, a larger facet, and a brilliant-cut that sparkles with high-brilliance.  If you are looking for a traditional classic with timeless appeal, then you should choose the Cushion Cut.

The Rebel: Asscher Shape

The captivating Asscher Cut is also known as the “Hall of Mirrors” because of the optical illusion created from the open facets.  It showcases a square shape with different patterns and step-like open facets that optimizes high clarity and sparkles with more flashes.  If you are looking for a more unique effect, then you should consider Asscher.

The Dazzling: Radiant Diamond Shape

The gleaming and yet luminous Radiant Shape possesses a trimmed-corned square shape with another cut pattern on the top that creates a delicate look. It features a large size, brilliant-cut, and facet pattern that produces incredible spark and fire. It is perfect for those who want round cut and emerald taste at the same time.

The Excelling: Trillion Shape

The classy and yet fanciful Trillion Diamond Shape possesses three equal sides forming a triangle shape with 30-50 facets that totally depends on whether you are choosing accent or solitaire style for rings. It exhibits sharp brilliance and the great fire, creating a unique style that gazes the eyes.

The Romantic: Heart Diamond Shape

The romantic Heart Diamond Shape is a symbol of love and a perfect way to express your emotions. It features a precise cut and symmetrical curves forming a heart shape that is fosters love.  If you are looking to express pure love in the unmistakable shape of heart, then this is a perfect choice for you.


What are some unusual gem cuts that are no longer popular? 


There are some previously discovered unusual shapes of gems that no longer exist or are available to a lesser extent except through custom inquiry.  If you want to be unique, one of these may right for you.   Here are few unusual shapes of that still stand out for their uniqueness and creativity.


Christmas Star Diamond Shape

The Christmas Star Diamond Shape was produced by De Beers and placed on the top of their tree in 1994. The basic concept was to introduce diamond as a decorative piece in the market.

Butterfly Diamond Shape

The Butterfly Diamond Shape became popular half century ago. It was a popular choice for a while the jewelry industry fashioned hard gems into butterflies.

Horse Head Diamond Shape

The Horse Head Diamond Shape was first invented by Henri Daussi Loots, an innovator in the industry. GIA still has the horse brilliant shape definition for grading and this shape can be made by custom order.

Christmas Tree Diamond Shape

Over 20 years ago, a diamond professional named George Saltzman first developed the Christmas Tree Diamond Shape from irregular and broken stones. The diamond Christmas tree is still being formed in some countries.


Star of David Diamond Shape

 The Star of  David is a symbol of the Jewish people around the world. It was formed as a hexagonal center and surrounded by small triangles. This type of diamond shape is still being formed by some of the Jewish people.

We have gone over the different gem shapes, but you might be still wondering which gem cut is best for you.  Ultimately, each cut has a different effect and it all depends on the effect you want to make on that given day.  Typically most will chose to keep a variety of ring designs, gem cuts, different gem clarities, and carat weights, to be used in for every different occasion.  


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