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Mined and Lab Diamonds vs. Moissanite

Mined Gems make no sense ecologically nor ethically with the worst being diamonds. The mining of diamonds utilizes tremendous amounts of energy and fossil fuels in drilling and land moving, while destroying environment and natural habitat. Further, the diamond market has long been suspected of supply and price manipulation as well as political conflict and blood diamonds. Similarly, man made diamonds do not serve as an adequate substitute because they still require tremendous amounts of energy due to the pressure requirements. No matter how you look at it diamonds are wasteful and damaging to the environment. Lab-created moissanite is the perfect alternative to natural and mined diamond as finest gem forms provide physical properties just like diamond but with greater beauty. Due to its increased brilliance and sparkle, moissanite can do what diamond cannot and is visually superior. Our surveys show that when people are asked to judge a diamond and a moissanite side by side, they choose the moissanite as both more beautiful gem and they believed it cost more. In terms of durability and toughness, high quality moissanite is incredibly hard, wears just like diamond, and tests as diamond according to most electronic diamond testers. Note: Each Jewel Eternal Moissanite is laster inscribed “Jewel Eternal” microscopically on the gem girdle to assure its origin and quality.


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