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All Stones: Moissanite
Cut: Round Brilliant
Size: 3ct Center stone; 3.5tcw
Clarity, Grade: VVS1, D

 Angelic. The Jewel Eternal Moissanite Cherub ring accented with a round brilliant cut is a delicate wonder that sets you among the angels. The ring’s 3ct moissanite center stone is unmatched in quality and style. Customize yours now in sterling silver, gold, white gold, and platinum, and experience heaven by your side.


14k Gold over solid 925 Silver
Rhodium over solid 925 Silver
Solid 14k Gold
Solid 14k White Gold
Solid Platinum

***Metal customizations may cause variance with photos (e.g., if you choose Gold, you will receive Gold, not the Platinum or Silver in the Photo). 

***Note: In stock mails immediately. All others are made to order and take 3 weeks to make and mail.

For other changes, please see the Custom Made Rings Page.

All Moissanite gems 1ct or more come with their Gemologist report and has that report’s serial number inscribed on the gem's girdle. All side gems are Moissanite of the same high quality as the center stones.

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So worth the wait! Ignore my last PM (lol!).GORGEOUS craftsmanship and antique-ish yet classic setting! So happy ❤

Oct 31 2020